Nora M. MacDonald
4,93 MB
28 Feb 2010

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Written as a beginning-level patternmaking text, Principles of Flat Pattern Design, 4th Edition, continues to provide an added dimension to apparel design and a better understanding of the processes involved in producing ready-to-wear or custom apparel. MacDonald presents step-by-step instructions and diagrams, including a representation of the completed pattern. Design problems expand on the immediately preceding topic and offer the opportunity to build on previously learned material. The new edition explains upon the last in three perspectives: technical, creative, and professional. A new chapter will instruct students on how to draft their own sloper for use in flat pattern design. An additional new chapter will discuss the creative design process associated with patternmaking and the role of patternmaking within the professional apparel industry.New to this Edition: -- New chapters on drafting basis pattern blocks (or slopers), the design process associated with patternmaking, and patternmaking as it relates to the professional apparel industry -- Updated fashion illustrations to reflect more contemporary styles -- New appendices covering average seam and hem allowances, blank spec and cost sheets, dress form and body measurement worksheets, and computer design resources -- Updated and additional practice problems challenge the student to expand upon and refine their skills -- Four new half slopers: one-dart sleeve sloper, straight sleeve sloper, two-dart bodice sloper (shoulder and waist), and front torso sloper with shoulder dart -- Updated and expanded glossary of key terms

The pattern development system helps to make the flat patterns on computers. It helps to make the patterns, Check the patterns, Adding Seam allowances, marking notches, Walking the pieces,